Clarke is part of a generation of songwriters who want to bring the new, with an appreciation of the old.  Sing with the Past, but write for the Present. Steeped in the songs from the traditonal world all the way to contemporary songs of today. 


Welcome, it's great to have you along! 

I grew up in Nottinghamshire UK, and always been surrounded by music.

 I became aware of 'folk' music and what it represented in the world. From coined genres such as blues all the way to sea shanties, I have admiration of the 'folk' element in them all. Like the great Big Bill Broonzy said 'All the songs I've ever heard in my life was folk songs, I never heard horses sing none of them yet'.

 Like Broonzy, some me of us out there want our music to say something, speak for something.

The music from the likes of Pete Seeger, Dick Gaughan, Lead Belly and many other performers not only had the ability to let their music sing, but also let it speak as well. 

With musicians like them in mind, I look forward to singing and creating songs that attempt to speak as well as sing!

And I'm glad to have you along for the ride.

Much Love,


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