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Clarke Camilleri is hard to put a label on. .

His song writing is is eclectic, unique and influenced by the many music worlds he swims in.










Growing up in Nottinghamshire, Clarke Camilleri is very much a child of the UK blues/folk revival generation, and has since spent many years moving from country to country with his music, with his banjo usually over his shoulder; a true troubadour. Clarke explains, ‘I love the access that being a musician gives you into other lives; I like being brave with it and seeing where it gets me.

As a result, I've heard a lots of stories

from lots of different types of people.

Some good and some not so good but these influence my songs greatly’.


Clarke released his debut solo album of original music, 'The Rollin' Hills of Home' in 2020. He features on Angeline Morrison’s award winning album, ‘The Sorrow Songs: Folk Songs of Black British Experience’ (The Guardian Album of the Year 2022), which Angeline tours with her 4 piece band, of which Clarke is also a member. He collaborates with blues/folk musician Jinda Biant, and his brother Victor Camilleri under the name of the Good-Time Brothers. Alongside his music, Clarke has worked as a fisherman, construction worker, fruit picker, deck hand, plasterer, gardener and busker. He currently lives in the UK.

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