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Clarke Camilleri was raised on the blues as a boy, but then nurtured a love for traditional ballads and folk songs.

His song writing is is eclectic, unique and influenced by the many music worlds he swims in.  

Currently in the process of writing his long-awaited second album, who knows what surprises are in store?

Come on hear him for yourself!

Clarke has played everywhere from the folk clubs of the UK to pubs and club on mainland Europe. His two European tours with Jinda Biant, have been very successful with gaining new audiences beyond the UK.


  His passion for music also really shines in his love of collabrating with other musicians. As a multi-instrumentalist, Clarke is grateful for opportunity to play alongside great artists, such as, Jinda Biant and Angeline Morrison.

With Jinda Biant's music, Clarke is staffing the bass and keys. Then on the flipside, with Angeline Morrison the guitar and banjo come out to play!

Clarke Camilleri has performed at many festivals, including Cambridge Folk Festival, Underneath the Stars, Crossover Festival. Gate to Southwell Festival. 

There still a lot to come of Clarke Camilleri and I feel that we are only at the beginning of the journey, so I think it all the more important now, that you come along for the ride.

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Photo courtesy of James Armstrong

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